You Are in Control

You Are in Control

I’ve been talking to my mom about this for a few days and I realized it changes our mind set so much when we change our perspective from what is happening to us versus what we are doing to ourselves.

We tend to harp on a lot of things in our life that stink, our finances, our job, our relationships, our weight.

“I would love to do xyz but I’m too old for that”

“I would love to lose the weight but I don’t have the time, or this is just how I am, my metabolism sucks”

“I would love to get a new job but I’ve been at mine so long I can’t start over”
“I hate the snow, every winter I get so depressed but this is unfortunately the miserable climate I was put into”

All of these situations are within our control but for some reason we like to pretend that we have nothing to do with them.

Are any of them easy fixes?


But they’re changeable.

Let’s be honest age is a frame of mind, you’re only going to be able to do what your mind tells you that you can do.

I do this ALL the time.

I want to lose weight……..but Cheetohs…..

Guys! Cheetohs are a real struggle!

That being said I’m not an idiot I know eating a family size bag of Cheetohs isn’t going to help aid in my weight loss unless doing so ends up in a diuretic type of GI response which to be honest might happen.

My lack of weight loss is 100% on me and my choices, but do I admit that to myself most of the time? Of course not.

It’s my body type I’m just curvy by nature.

To be honest somewhat true, but does “it being my body type” mean that I can’t get healthy? I can’t work out and eat healthy?

Of course not.

We self sabotage before we even have a chance. Which is awful and I hate it.

At some point we were told that we weren’t good enough for abc and we accepted that.

Someone told me that I was fat and I will always be fat, so my goals are immediately deflated by that thought even if I don’t realize it.

Why workout and eat healthy you’re always going to be fat?

Why put forth any effort you’re never going to be good enough?

You won’t look like that person.

Do you think if someone told you that you were stupid because of these reasons and you began to believe you were in fact stupid that you would ever end up in medical school?

Probably not because even if that were your dream you would see it, think that you would never be able to do it and then you wouldn’t make it happen.

I just want you to know.

You are good enough.

You can achieve all of your goals.

You are worthy of those achievements.

Don’t let anyone tell you what your limits are.

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Side note if you sang that quote above, we’re now best friends please react accordingly!

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There’s No Glitter

There’s No Glitter

Growing up I used to have a blog called “There’s No Glitter At The Gym” and to be completely honest I forgot all about it, until now.

Thinking about it though growing up being in high school and college you romanticize everything.

When you’re 4 you romanticize school. When you’re 10 you romanticize being a teenager. When you’re a teenager you romanticize relationships, having a car, going to college, and freedom.

Then you become an adult, get married, pay bills and it’s beyond easy to stop dreaming, romanticize anything, get stuck in the daily tasks of being an adult.

I didn’t realize that this happened until I became an adult.

I remember when I was around 17 talking to my Dad and saying “I can’t imagine how people are depressed, life is amazing there’s so much to do, so much to live for” and he responded “Wait until you’re an adult and you have real struggles and real accountability.”

Granted at that point I thought my Dad was just being a Woe Is Me dramatic sort. But honestly he was kind of right. I know teenagers have problems and to be honest a lot more drama than most adults but one thing they don’t for the most part have is 100% accountability. If you are in high school and you don’t do your homework you may get detention, grounded, yelled at, or all of the above.

But when you’re an adult and you don’t pay your mortgage you have no house. You don’t pay your electric you have no electricity. This could get a little repetitive so let’s just summarize and say being an adult has direct repercussions. You do something wrong as an adult you go to prison.

When you’re married (I know I hate to break it to you but…) your husband doesn’t bring you flowers every day (which to be honest would be dumb because flowers last about a week so you’d have a ton of flowers), your husband isn’t the prince charming you dated, he has dirty underwear, he stinks after the gym, he’s not perfect and to be honest neither are you. Being married means being with someone 24/7 for eternity and for some reason we believe that’s going to come with no fights, perfection, and maybe some singing animals at one point but it doesn’t.

And I know 100% what you’re thinking, “Being an adult is hard we get it stop whining.” My point is having stress as an adult, I think, kills your dreams, ambitions and in the end kills your light if you let it.

So to address my 16 year old self, no there is no glitter unless you make it. Very rarely is life going to shower you with love and kindness each day when you walk out of the house. You have to leave with your attitude great, positivity high, and make the best out of everything the world has to give you.

When we decide to be happy, positive and decide to combat the worlds negativity we tend to be nicer to other people which will then make them feel like maybe this life isn’t that awful as well.

I’ve decided that I’m going to turn over a new leaf and make some changes. I’m going to choose happiness. I’m going to choose to dream cast and thing about the future optimistically and not black and white realistically.

I’m not going to get stuck in the repetition of daily life and I’m going to live each day empowering myself and others to be positive. And I think you all should join me in the journey.