Now first before I even start, normally I would prefer to be called an elephant because let’s just be real, I’m build way more like an elephant than a cow. I swear my legs and butt and an elephants legs and butt are an obvious comparison. I realize that and embrace it. *cheers to the curves*

I feel it’s very on trend at the moment. *cheers to you Kim K*

**also not comparing Kim K’s butt to an elephant, but she is workin’ that pear shape!**

Today I was volunteering with my sister in law at my best friends dance recital for her dance company. 

It’s fine I enjoy taking people’s money. 

This separated couple had a discrepancy about the wife leaving tickets for her husband and who with.

*Spoiler* she didn’t leave a ticket with either of us.

When he asked her which of us she left the ticket with she said “I didn’t leave it with either of those cows”

*she ended up leaving it with the teens passing out programs, which makes zero sense but you go glen coco*

Now she said this to him over the phone and then he told us.

Which sir, like I appreciate you wanting to incorporate us in the fun of your ex wife and said adventures but I could have gone without the insult.

The last time anyone compared me to an animal I was about 18 and my boyfriend at the time asked me what it was like being a whale. Yeah I kid you not like no joking just to be a d-bag. Which can I just say I’ve dated some hot guys in my day…..athletic, built, good looking……this dude was not one of them. The only reason I mention that is because….don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house…..or that witty quote (you know where I’m going with that). Also note EX boyfriend.

*kudos girl for breaking that one off, close call*

So I learned 2 things, people insult other people to feel better about themselves. Because what else do you have to gain with insulting 2 girls you literally didn’t even say a word to, and 2 I don’t think it’s cool that people calling you an animal is supposed to be an insult.

Cows are freakin’ awesome lady step off.