Now first before I even start, normally I would prefer to be called an elephant because let’s just be real, I’m build way more like an elephant than a cow. I swear my legs and butt and an elephants legs and butt are an obvious comparison. I realize that and embrace it. *cheers to the curves*

I feel it’s very on trend at the moment. *cheers to you Kim K*

**also not comparing Kim K’s butt to an elephant, but she is workin’ that pear shape!**

Today I was volunteering with my sister in law at my best friends dance recital for her dance company. 

It’s fine I enjoy taking people’s money. 

This separated couple had a discrepancy about the wife leaving tickets for her husband and who with.

*Spoiler* she didn’t leave a ticket with either of us.

When he asked her which of us she left the ticket with she said “I didn’t leave it with either of those cows”

*she ended up leaving it with the teens passing out programs, which makes zero sense but you go glen coco*

Now she said this to him over the phone and then he told us.

Which sir, like I appreciate you wanting to incorporate us in the fun of your ex wife and said adventures but I could have gone without the insult.

The last time anyone compared me to an animal I was about 18 and my boyfriend at the time asked me what it was like being a whale. Yeah I kid you not like no joking just to be a d-bag. Which can I just say I’ve dated some hot guys in my day…..athletic, built, good looking……this dude was not one of them. The only reason I mention that is because….don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house…..or that witty quote (you know where I’m going with that). Also note EX boyfriend.

*kudos girl for breaking that one off, close call*

So I learned 2 things, people insult other people to feel better about themselves. Because what else do you have to gain with insulting 2 girls you literally didn’t even say a word to, and 2 I don’t think it’s cool that people calling you an animal is supposed to be an insult.

Cows are freakin’ awesome lady step off.


There’s No Glitter

There’s No Glitter

Growing up I used to have a blog called “There’s No Glitter At The Gym” and to be completely honest I forgot all about it, until now.

Thinking about it though growing up being in high school and college you romanticize everything.

When you’re 4 you romanticize school. When you’re 10 you romanticize being a teenager. When you’re a teenager you romanticize relationships, having a car, going to college, and freedom.

Then you become an adult, get married, pay bills and it’s beyond easy to stop dreaming, romanticize anything, get stuck in the daily tasks of being an adult.

I didn’t realize that this happened until I became an adult.

I remember when I was around 17 talking to my Dad and saying “I can’t imagine how people are depressed, life is amazing there’s so much to do, so much to live for” and he responded “Wait until you’re an adult and you have real struggles and real accountability.”

Granted at that point I thought my Dad was just being a Woe Is Me dramatic sort. But honestly he was kind of right. I know teenagers have problems and to be honest a lot more drama than most adults but one thing they don’t for the most part have is 100% accountability. If you are in high school and you don’t do your homework you may get detention, grounded, yelled at, or all of the above.

But when you’re an adult and you don’t pay your mortgage you have no house. You don’t pay your electric you have no electricity. This could get a little repetitive so let’s just summarize and say being an adult has direct repercussions. You do something wrong as an adult you go to prison.

When you’re married (I know I hate to break it to you but…) your husband doesn’t bring you flowers every day (which to be honest would be dumb because flowers last about a week so you’d have a ton of flowers), your husband isn’t the prince charming you dated, he has dirty underwear, he stinks after the gym, he’s not perfect and to be honest neither are you. Being married means being with someone 24/7 for eternity and for some reason we believe that’s going to come with no fights, perfection, and maybe some singing animals at one point but it doesn’t.

And I know 100% what you’re thinking, “Being an adult is hard we get it stop whining.” My point is having stress as an adult, I think, kills your dreams, ambitions and in the end kills your light if you let it.

So to address my 16 year old self, no there is no glitter unless you make it. Very rarely is life going to shower you with love and kindness each day when you walk out of the house. You have to leave with your attitude great, positivity high, and make the best out of everything the world has to give you.

When we decide to be happy, positive and decide to combat the worlds negativity we tend to be nicer to other people which will then make them feel like maybe this life isn’t that awful as well.

I’ve decided that I’m going to turn over a new leaf and make some changes. I’m going to choose happiness. I’m going to choose to dream cast and thing about the future optimistically and not black and white realistically.

I’m not going to get stuck in the repetition of daily life and I’m going to live each day empowering myself and others to be positive. And I think you all should join me in the journey.