Hi hi!

So I realized today for the first time in all of my 27 years of life that I am an emotional eater. (shocker literally almost everyone in America is, welcome to the club!)

I always knew my relationship with food was atrocious I mean let’s be honest being diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 26 kind of means you’ve had more than a few unpleasant run ins with food.

Today however I realized that even though my whole life I’ve despised weight watcher groups where they give you stickers for being able to throw out ice cream without dumpster diving for food later (true story), those groups could have helped me a lot more if I had been honest with myself.

Now to understand that you kind of have to know that I have separate mind sets;

losing weight mindset- extra restrictive, try to eat as little as possible and make yourself feel awful for having cravings.

normal mindset-eat to celebrate (you deserve it), eat when feeling bad for yourself (you’ll feel better after eating this reeses, or you’re gross already might as well mindlessly eat a bag of chips until your sick)

As you can see I’m very messed up, I own it!

Now! in order to lose weight and be healthy I need a new mindset!

Easier said than done but my hope is that if I make small steps in the right direction then hopefully the toxic relationship with food will change.

I’ve been working on self love for some time now and you’ll be very excited to hear that I can finally wear short sleeves in 90 degree weather! I know I know hold the applause. And honestly to someone that’s never hated their arms that sentence is completely mind boggling but I know my friends that have battles with their meat sticks (shout out to Louise Pentland) will completely understand.

So with all of that being said I hope to set body positivity goals, happy thought goals,overall positive well being goals as well as weight loss goals through this process.

Tomorrow the #fitgirlsguide challenge begins and I couldn’t think of a better time to start! I will have updates (positive and negative) along the way. Should get interesting. (fingers crossed).




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