Last Day Of Vacation

Last Day Of Vacation


So today was the last day of my little stay-cation and honestly I learned two things 1) Stay-cations are severely underrated and 2) If I’m home I eat more.

It was so great to be able to get out and about in the warm weather and sun instead of work, work, work.

Originally we had planned to travel for our vacation but since we’re working on those financial goals we decided it was better not to go.

It was great to be able to spend time together revamp, catch up on sleep and explore the place we live! So much happens around us that we barely notice because we’re too “busy”.

Sometimes you just need a breather to catch up with life!

I’m quite excited to go back to work re-energized instead of depleted which a road trip can do to you.

The newest thing I learned about my unhealthy eating is I mindless eat! It’s just this bad habit I never realized. I guess it could also be considered “boredom eating” but I swear there were sometimes I was just grabbing for food realizing oh wait I don’t actually want or need this!

Oh the stay-cation vibes ♥️♥️

my love

First time at the Renaissance festival!

Kitten love!

Also beyond grateful to live in this gorgeous area where stay-cations are beyond worth it!

I encourage everyone to seek out beauty where ever you are!



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